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It is mandatory for a domestic (room) animal to have an implanted microchip. A domestic (room) animal is tagged with a microchip and a passport for a domestic (room) pet can only be issued by a practicing veterinarian.

Mandatory dog registration
  • Until January 1, 2017, all dogs must have an implanted microchip (marked) and be registered in the country's unified information system - the database of the Agricultural Data Center (LDC)

  • A dog implanted with a microchip before the entry into force of these regulations shall be registered in the database until January 1, 2017

  • A dog that reaches the age of six months before January 1, 2017 is implanted with a microchip and registered in the database until January 1, 2017

  • Registration of cats and domestic (room) ferrets is optional.

Documents required to register a domestic (room) animal
  1. Registration form Mājas (istabas) dzīvnieku reģistrācijas veidlapa.

  2. Identity document (passport or electronic identification card).

  3. Passport of a domestic (room) animal.

    Your animal's registration can be checked by entering the LDC Domestic (room) animal

On April 28, 2012, amendments were adopted to MK Regulations No. 266, which stipulate the following:
  • "..33.1 The owner of a domestic (room) animal, who reproduces his own dogs, cats or domestic (room) ferrets and alienates their offspring:

  • 33.1 1. ensures that the breed house (room) animals are registered in the pedigree book of the breed house (room) animal breeders' organization registered in Latvia;

  • 33.1 2. ensures that domestic (domestic) animals are marked and registered in accordance with the regulatory enactments on the procedures for registration of domestic (domestic) animals and that a note has been made in the database of domestic (domestic) animals regarding the expropriation of domestic (domestic) animals;

  • 33.1 3. has been trained in the field of domestic (domestic) animal welfare and has received a training document or has appropriate education in the field of veterinary medicine, biology or cynology. If the owner of the house (room) animal is a legal entity, at least one of its employees has been trained or received education in accordance with the requirements mentioned in this subsection; (This point has a transitional period until December 31, 2012.)

  • 33.1 4. ensures that a dog, cat and domestic ferret does not have more than one litter per year, and domestic (domestic) animals and their offspring are kept in accordance with welfare requirements."

  • This means that only a person whose dog, cat or ferret is microchipped and registered in the LDC database can donate, sell, give away puppies and kittens, or small ferrets.

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