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At the "Ami's" clinic, visitors who have not previously booked a doctor's visit time are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Those animals brought to the clinic in a health- and life-threatening condition and in need of emergency assistance or urgent surgical operation are served outside the queue.

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"Amis" veterinārā klīnika Rīgā pieņemšana

The first animal inspection

The first inspection of the animal takes place in the presence of the owner.

At the request of a veterinarian, pet owners may be asked to present a veterinary passport showing annual vaccinations against rabies.

All animals staying at the clinic must be kept on a short leash or in containers specially designed for moving animals to limit the possibility of animals coming into contact with each other.

If a dog is aggressive, it needs a muzzle (for the safety of the staff, other clinic animals and the owner).

In the clinic, animals are subjected to clinical diagnosis and other diagnostic examinations and laboratory analyses. During the illness, repeated examinations may also be prescribed to observe changes in the body's condition.

"Amis" veterinārā klīnika Rīgā izmeklējumi

Only agreed examinations

"Ami's" veterinary clinic guarantees that the animal will not be subjected to examinations or procedures that are not necessary in a particular situation!

Before general anesthesia, the veterinarian informs the owner about the possible risks of the procedure, and the owner confirms with a signature that he agrees to this procedure. The same applies to any surgical intervention.


"Amis" veterinārā klīnika Rīgā ķirurģija

Surgical operations

During outpatient treatment, the pet owner needs to observe and follow the doctor's instructions, do not forget to give the animal the medicine prescribed by the doctor and follow the regimen recommended by the doctor.

It should be taken into account that in the case of many chronic diseases, the course of treatment may be time-consuming or even throughout the life of the animal.

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