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Brushing Dog's Teeth



Often, pet owners turn to us for help with the words: “I don't know how to help him. Everything seems to be healthy, but..."

At the veterinary clinic "Ami's" oral cavity examination and X-ray examination are carried out, as well as appropriate treatment or oral hygiene.

Loss of milk teeth
  • A problem related to the loss of an animal's milk teeth is very common. In medicine, this is called deceptive polydentia. Deceptive polydentia is a pathology associated with the simultaneous development of milk and root teeth. It is observed in both humans and animals. In veterinary practice, it is quite common for an animal to have its baby teeth extracted.

  • Extracting the teeth of pets has become one of the few, but most effective way to solve this problem.

  • One of the most serious diseases is animal periodontosis - a disease associated with the reproduction of pathogenic microbes in the oral cavity.

  • The consequences of this disease can be tooth decay, inflammation of the gums, deterioration of the pet's well-being, general weakening of the body.

  • Only timely referral to specialist can help your pet.

  • In order to prevent such diseases of the oral cavity in animals, it is necessary to take timely preventive measures. Because any disease is easier to prevent than to treat. If the disease has been admitted, then the only way out may be to pull out the animal's tooth.

Oral cavity care
  • It is important to constantly monitor the condition of your pet's oral cavity. Do not forget about ensuring its immunity. There are often cases when the animal is unable to eat due to excessive pain, in such cases parenteral nutrition is used.

  • Animals have special toothbrushes (it is important to be able to distinguish between toothbrushes for cats and toothbrushes for dogs), which allow you to thoroughly clean your teeth and prevent the development of dental diseases. It is also necessary to use special gels for treating the oral cavity, in some cases chlorhexidine can be used for disinfection.

  • If such procedures were treated with full responsibility, then recovery is definitely expected.

  • And without a doubt: avoid including products in the diet of your pets, such as candies and other sweets, bread, which leave a sticky plaque on the teeth, which can damage the microflora of the oral cavity, thus causing a number of different diseases.

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